Friday, November 14, 2008

This is What I was Born to Do...

Travel. We are in Amsterdam now. Wiley is downstairs having his university paid-for breakfast. Me, being somewhat of a cheapskate and not wanting to spend 10.50 Euros on something I probably won't like (and will grab a pastry later on in the morning), am hogging up all the available internet time I can before Wiley takes his computer.

Amsterdam is lovely. Yesterday the weather was perfect, and I got a lot of great shots. We would have some to show you today, except we were out until 1:15 in the morning with friends who are living in Germany and London, so we went straight to bed. Today, the rain has come back again, which makes me less than happy, as I don't want to cart around the big camera in its bag because I'm worried it's not waterproof. So I'm still deciding what to do. Dinner last night was at an Indonesian restaurant, built around rice. So we had bits of beef, chicken, pork, and there was lamb (but of course I didn't touch it). We met a very nice guy named Max, who looks like he's 12 even though he's almost 30.

I blend in more here than in Sarajevo, and there are just tons of tourists around. Every so often I'll hear a bit of English without any sort of British or Dutch accent.

So today I'll be meandering around, looking for an ornament for us. I was already lucky and found my H&M socks. They come in handy when the wind blows because it's blustery.

That's all for now, folks!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it for us! auntie em

Anonymous said...

I remember on my one European jaunt I really enjoyed Amsterdam, altho we only spent a day there. That and Austria were two places I had always hoped to return to and spend lots of time there. Now I'll just have to enjoy it vicarioulsy! Have a great trip. Aunt Tex

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it for me too!!!
Sister sister