Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not McLovin' It

Today: get on somewhat empty tram, go to police station. Have copies in hand and fill out form. Bureaucrat says, "You need to make this an official document. Go to municipality."

Get back on more crowded tram to go home, get original, and go down the street to have some lady stamp our papers and have help from a man behind us who thinks we don't understand what's being said to us. Has anyone over here ever heard of WAITING IN LINE BEHIND THE LINE ON THE FLOOR instead of crowding around the window? 'Cuz it's been three months and still I'm looking for the pieces of own private bubble that has been shattered numerous times.

So, get back on a REALLY crowded tram and get off at the police station. Bureaucrat #2 says we need documentation this time proving our landlord really is our landlord. "But if it is easier on you, he can bring all your paperwork with him." Right, like I'm going to hand over my passport to a practical stranger. I think not.

Get on yet another tram and while I fume, we head out to a bridal salon. There are approximately six dresses on mannequins that are all way smaller than me. The store owner doesn't speak one ounce of English, so poor Wiley is stuck in the middle translating. Uneasiness abounds. The lady told me since I'm practically a midget, I should stick to A-line/princess cuts. Well, that narrows down the choices.

After that experience, we tried a turkey kebap, which was fine, then found a DVD/computer games/CD shop. We now own an unofficial copy of Superbad. This is a nice end to a rotten day. My big glass of Bailey's should help.


meesha.v said...

you need to educate yourself on the subject of bribes. a small bill inside your passport makes thing move a lot smoother.i am not kidding.

Melinda said...

I'll give it a shot the next time I want to deal with bureaucrats. Now tell me how to get people to stop hanging over my shoulder in line. Should I stop showering?

meesha.v said...

It's their culture,get used to it.Actually daily showers may not be part of their culture, so it's hard to scare anyone by smell. When I was growing up we only had cold water and no shower at all.There is no personal space there. Maybe if you say something in English it may scare them off.On the other hand if they are helpful it may not be so bad. But watch out for pick-pockets and people like that, especially on the crowded public transportation. I still don't put my wallet in my back pocket. :-)

Melinda said...

Wiley speaks the language and understands what's being said. I don't think people are helpful; it's their nature, but I still don't like it. I mean, some people are, but this guy just wanted us to hurry up because he was next in line. He tried to cut in front of us. As for the tram, we usually don't ride, I don't carry a purse, and Wiley keeps his wallet in his inside jacket pocket. Everyone has warned us about the pickpockets, so we're very careful.