Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Secret

If I ever sent a postcard into Frank over at Post Secret, it would be this:

Last night I killed a spider, and as I moved the paper towel, it fell into the toaster. I think I dumped it out, but I don't really know. Who can tell a bread crumb from a crumpled up spider?


Anonymous said...

if you ran the toaster empty, wouldn't that burn up any spidy remains? or open the trap door& shoot your hair dryer through the slots? (cw has an aircompressor for all those things; doubt you will be picking one up!)

John said...

*Tries to remember if he used the toaster today.* No, I didn't. Why didn't you tell me this little secret??????

Spyder said...

Now you've gone & done it! I forsee more spyder coming looking for their lost family member!

Melinda said...

It is true, and I smote their ruins on the wall, in the tub, on the shoe. They stay outside, and we're fine; come inside, and they're mine.

*smiles* because I care, Wiley.