Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Figuring it Out

So today is the day before we leave for a fun-filled, wet weekend in Graz, Austria. 12 hours on a bus. Rain the entire weekend. I have my new yarn and have begun an angora and cotton-blend scarf for some lucky reader or some lucky friend. My iPod is all charged. We're going to the grocery store for tasty vittles. I am training my body to take pills all at once. Yesterday, I spaced everything out, which meant I ate several little meals. First, the erythromycin. An hour and a half later, my myrtle oil pill and two squirts with the nasal spray. Six and a half hours after that, another antibiotic pill, and an hour and a half after that, another oil pill, yada yada yada. Today, I said screw it, and this morning, I downed my antibiotic with my oil pill in the middle of eating my cereal. I'm going to spend 12 hours on a bus tomorrow...I can't eat and eat and eat. So the body will have to get used to digesting two pills at once, and today hasn't been too bad. My nose is even starting to feel a bit better. I can raise my eyebrows without feeling pain, and I can flare my nostrils (very handy when I'm upset at Wiley) too without pain. There's still pain when I scrunch up my nose or when I try to press my nostrils down, so I just don't do it. But I feel much much better than I did. We'll see how I do without my handy humidifier.

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Sarah said...

Hope you have a great weekend and stay dry. Cant wait to see the pictures.