Sunday, October 21, 2007

My First Project


I made this with my own two hands, a skein of yarn, a crochet hook, and a Happy Hooker book that teaches you how to crochet. It's a shrug! I got tired of just reading how to crochet after learning a few new stitches, so I decided to try making something other than a scarf, hat, afghan, or shawl. So Wiley and I went to a really small yarn shop and picked up the biggest skein of yarn they had. When the lady asked me what I was making, Wiley told her, and she said I probably didn't have enough yarn. I asked Wiley to tell her I had holes in it, but he had trouble remembering the word, so I picked up a ball of yarn and pointed to the hole. She laughed, said I did a good job explaining, and said I should be fine. My Happy Hooker book had a pattern for a shrug, and while parts of it didn't make sense to me, and they said do not pass go if you don't make a test swatch and figure out your gauge (how many stitches are in an inch), I forged ahead anyway, and I made something that not only is a bit trendy, but it actually looks how it's supposed to! And I still have some yarn left, though that's more to not following part of the pattern because I was getting frustrated with the edging. I have tried for years to crochet...I can't tell you how many afghans I've started and left because something didn't look right or I wasn't sure how to do something. So I'm pretty happy that I could make something to wear that actually looks like something one could wear!!! I wonder if I could sell this stuff, now you know what the Sicko has done all weekend: crocheted, watched The Zoo, and slept. The nose feels better today but the humidifier we got smells kinda plasticy, so I quit running it because I started feeling sick to my stomach. The myrtle oil pills seem to be helping a bit, as well as the humidifier last night, but I will likely try to go to the doctor this week to see exactly what's wrong with me and how to prevent it from happening again. I felt just like Marcia Brady when she got hit in the face with a football, and I really just hate that feeling.

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