Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Adventures in Mail

Today, our mailman alerted us to the fact that we had a package. He rang our bell and presented Wiley with a yellow piece of paper. Ecstatic to get mail, we finished getting ready and went to the post office. While there, we paid the heating bill and were told that our package was at the other post office, near the train and bus stations. So we hoof it down there, about a mile or so, and step inside. The building couldn't be more confusing. Do we go left or right? We tried left. Stood in line to have a guy look through some papers and then tell us to go down to the other side of the building. So we go outside and go to the back of the building. Again, left or right? This time, a receptionist was there - a male, mind you - and he told us to go right. So we go right, give the paper to a guy, show Wiley's passport, sign a piece of paper, then we're told to go pay for our package through the doors and to the left. Then we can have our package. So then we go left, wait in line, have two people cut in front of us, pay our 9.50 KM for our package, get our paper stamped, then go right again to pick up the package. It's like everyone just wants to wait in line. All told, we stood in four lines today! But we finally got our package with wonderful goodies inside! Thank you thank you thank you for our early Christmas!!! Just as soon as I find cream of tartar, cupcakes shall be made!

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Anonymous said...

so you mean after we pay to mail your packages here, you have to pay again to pick it up? what a lot you are learning! auntie em