Friday, November 9, 2007

A Beautiful, Chilling Day

This morning, I woke up just a little after 8. In my old life, that would've been sleeping in, but since retirement, I've been able to sleep until 10, though sleep isn't always restful and I have strange dreams. Like the other night - I dreamed that I was playing my violin at a friend's wedding, only the notes weren't on paper - I was reading crochet stitches and having a hard time reading them! Finally, I gave up and just played from memory, which went much better. So maybe crocheting tons of scarves and granny squares is getting to me...

Anyway, today has a been a typical fall day like I know them in the States. It's very very windy. The river was littered with little yellow polka dots - all the leaves have finally been swayed to begin their journey downstream. The clouds are all different colors - dark grey, almost purple, next to white streams, with little ribbons of blue sky peeking through. We went to the yarn lady again today so I could get some more creme-colored yarn, and it was just chilly enough to need my wool coat and a scarf. After lunch, it sprinkled on us a bit - oh, Sarajevo, I think it rains here as much as it does in Seattle or Kauai - but it wasn't enough to really put a damper on things. Even though there are clouds in the sky, I can look out my living room window as I blog and see the hills through and behind the apartment buildings. It's a beautiful sight, and it makes me happy to be here.

I think there might've been something in that Indian food.


Spyder said...

You play violin?

Melinda said...

Yup. And viola, flute, drums, and a little piano (very slowly, but I can play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata).