Monday, November 19, 2007

This House is Clean

My nose, that is. Today I had my second follow-up appointment with my ENT doctor, and he said my sinus infection is gone. However, he said it was important to keep everything clear, so I'm to keep spraying solution up my nose, and then he gave me what I think is a decongestant to take at night because I told him that that's when I am most congested. (I will look it up before I take it, don't worry.)

And then, we went grocery shopping at a different Mercator and picked up a few items for our Thanksgiving meal we're attempting to prepare. And what should greet me as I walk in but gold and red Christmas decorations! There were balls, and little trees, and even hats - one had white braids on it. Just for fun, I tried it on to make Wiley laugh, which he did. Apparently I looked ridiculous, but there were no cameras around for proof! Anyway, we picked up some food for our feast, even these little slices of cherry cobbler. Wiley told me to look at the label - it says, "Kolac (coal-atch) fit", so they must think these little things are healthy! Now I don't feel guilty for getting them! What a good day it's been.

And to top it all off, my fantasy football horses won for the week! I am in second place. I have Chester Taylor, and he gave me 30 points - about 14 more than the supposed #1 horse, LaDanian Tomlinson.

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