Friday, November 23, 2007

Gettin' It From All Sides

Ok people, here's the deal: I got two people telling me, begging me, to join Facebook. I've been through the tour. I've looked at Wiley's page. Now I'm asking those of you who belong what's so great about Facebook (and I know some of you readers are because I found you!). Keep in mind I'm almost 31, not in grad school and not currently working. I don't understand the pokes or the throwing of turkeys or dolls. So, in layman's terms, what's so cool about this when I already have this blog and two email accounts?

UPDATE: I think most of my readers either don't use Facebook or are just too busy shopping to give me any advice. So I took it upon myself to go ahead and join Facebook (merry Christmas Cara!), and I've been messing with it ever since I signed up. And still I only have two friends.

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Anonymous said...

your luddite aunt would be your friend if she knew what facebook is; she hears horror stories of such things! auntie em