Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some Things I've Learned in 2007

I totally copy Spyder because she's my hero. She copies Zhu because she's her hero. Somebody copy me because I want to be your hero.

1. When you try to be funny, you usually aren't. Hence, blog-writing sometimes is a tough thing to do because the main point of my blog is to inform as well as entertain.

2. I can leave the comforts of the US and survive in a foreign country.

3. With a few modifications, I can even cook and bake in said foreign country.

4. Change is a constant process, especially within, and it's easy to get stuck or go back to your old ways that were destructive.

5. I've learned to accept people for what they are willing to give of themselves. I found stronger friendships with some people, and less strong friendships than I would've liked with others, but I've let it go and continue to nurture the friendships that are mutual.

6. I learned how to crochet some damned-neat stuff.

7. Wiley and I can live together and we both really enjoy it. Sure as hell beats being in a long-distance relationship for 2.5 years.

8. I can kill houseplants in a matter of days. Flowers, I can keep alive, so long as they're not attached to plants. Outside, flowers and plants are fine. But give me a plant and hope it sticks around awhile, and you're just wishing against destiny.

9. I forgot a lot more than I thought I did. Back at work, there was some training we took that said you forget a lot of shyt in a matter of weeks...of course, now I don't remember, but I think it was something like you forget 75% of what you've learned 3 weeks later. So imagine my surprise when I crack open my GRE book and look at the math section. Factorials? Oh, yeah, I knew about those a long time ago, but I seriously haven't thought about them since 10th grade.

10. I can survive without my cats, but I miss them everyday.

11. When one doesn't own a car, one finds other means of transportation, which usually means walking, and when it's not freezing-your-cajones-off-cold, it's actually pleasant.

12. I really, really, really like the sun and water. Sharks be damned.

To those of you meeting up tonight, have a good one!


Spyder said...

You are so sweet! Can't believe I'm your hero. Can't wait for you to come back so you can come to the gatherings.

Melinda said...

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Anonymous said...

while i will probably not copy you in many things at my advanced age, i consider you in many ways to be my hero. you are so able to work thru fear, stay strong during hard emotional times, follow your heart to a completely new environment and way of life with little safety net, etc. etc. I'm glad you're in our family! but no blogs; the gazebo gazette will always be pen and paper! auntie em

Melinda said...

That's good enough for me! Plenty of things scare me. I just can't let them control me.