Monday, December 31, 2007

A Definite First

Watching The Incredibles. I'm sitting on one couch; Wiley's on the other. All of a sudden, we both start shaking, like a Sumo wrestler is walking across the room. I think that maybe there was a firecracker/M80 that exploded too close to the apartment, or the people we share a wall with are moving something, or perhaps drilling into the floor, but I have to admit that they'd have to be using a Bobcat to get the shaking we experienced.

So, we're convinced we just experienced our first earthquake. Bosnia, in the last 100 years, has had 1000 significant earthquakes - that is, those that could be felt. Sarajevo doesn't seem to be an area of high activity, though we are in the mountains. Back in 1969, an earthquake destroyed Banja (Ban-yah) Luka (I think you get that one), which is a couple hours away.

What an interesting way to end the year.

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Anonymous said...

hope your new year is happy, and less eventful! rw's equake a few years ago was noted only by few. auntie em