Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Catsitters

I check in with my catsitters regularly. To the cats, they are known as slaves because cats do not have owners. I've found out a few interesting things:

Rewind, my puma, still likes climbing into open drawers.

Deeder, my little black panther, apparently likes to watch her slave floss.

Dixie, an "evil purr machine", gets her slave up at 5:45 everyday without fail. She has a cold nose that she knows how to work.

I love my little furballs, and I miss them a lot. I look forward to getting them back when we return. Until then, I'm amused at their antics and facets of their personalities that surprise the catsitters.


JustCara said...

Not only is she an evil little purr machine, but she is a terrible typist. ;'[;kmlkm;p'klyu7yhu

(yes, she really typed that.)

Melinda said...

Yeah, she's pretty bad at that.