Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Texas for Me

I've just been a newshound this evening.


Basically, the article says that a cat scratched a vet tech in El Paso, TX, which requires a call to animal control:

"Veterinarian offices must report any bites or scratches to authorities, but even though the ordinance doesn't call for the owner to get a ticket if the animal has received its proper vaccinations, the officer issued one anyway."

My little Rewind was notorious at his last vet as being a bit "touchy". The current vet I take him to is pretty good with him, but whenever he gets his shots, I'm still the one who has to cradle him like a baby and put the E-collar on him to make sure he doesn't bite anyone. He freaks if anyone else touches him. (His first vet experience was rather bad - he had to have stitches put in his third eyelid to heal his eye when he ran into the attic and got a piece of fiberglass in his eye after running through the insulation, and taking the stitches out was rather traumatic for him - and me.)

Other than that, he's my little puma. If he was a lion, we'd be in trouble and I'd likely be dead, but he's got more personality than any other cat I've met, and he's very lovey to me and Wiley.


Anonymous said...

OBH had him beat; what a personality that dude had. our vet puts gold stars on the records of "bad" patients so all who may handle him know. due to insurance, they wouldn't LET me hold him, comp coverage applied to any victims. auntie em

Melinda said...

Some vet tried that with me too, and that's when Rewind's poop shot out of him at the vet and hit her! She was a bad vet. She wanted me to put down Unter because he had FeLV and lied about how easily it would spread to the other two even if they had vaccinations. I should've let Rewind bite her.