Monday, December 3, 2007


More on Vienna to come when I've gone through the pictures, but imagine a chilly, windy night. Wiley and I walk around the center of Vienna, taking in the stores and the lights, killing time. Finally, when it's dark enough, we approach a fiaker (fee-ah-ker), otherwise known as the guy who drives the horse-drawn carriage. We hop into a carriage that has a bit of a hood on it (good thing, since it was quite chilly), and the two white horses gallop into action. We see the Jewish museum, three of the many places Mozart lived, the Hofburg, city hall from a distance all lit up, the glockenspiel, and lots of buildings. And as we viewed the sights, Wiley asked me to marry him.

Do you think I said yes?

Well, I did. And just as I said I would, my nose started running, so I gave him an abbreviated kiss so I could take care of it and really kiss him. Damn noses. No plans as of yet...maybe get married in Sarajevo, maybe wait until we're back on US idea what will happen. But what a romantic evening!


Spyder said...


Sarah said...

Welcome to the family! Big hugs all around!

Heather said...

YAY!!! Congratulations to you!!

Dan the Man said...

way to go big john!

sarajevan said...


get married in sarajevo :)

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