Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stop the Insanity

I don't know why I keep having odd dreams, but I do. Wiley tells me that's why I sleep so long - because I don't actually sleep. Last night's dreams involved lions and tigers (no bears, oh my). They were on football teams, and I was a coach. There were actual people on teams, but the only thing I remember about them is that we all sat down and ate lunch, and some old guy kept paying for my stuff. The next dream involved a friend of mine from college, who had a baby with her hubby, and I insisted on a paternity test because I suspected some hanky-panky between her and my then hubby. When she brought her hubby and her kid, I could tell right away that it was his kid because she looked so much like him. So I told her I didn't need the test. She asked why I suspected her in the first place, and I told her it was because she didn't balk when I asked for the paternity test. Then she told me that she in fact had an affair with him. I woke up, really irritated, because I really did think my ex had an affair with someone (but not her) and he swore up and down that he didn't. When I woke up, I thought, Well, now what? What's past is past, but I'm really mad and maybe I should tell him that. But oh, wait, he's got my cat. And then my senses fully came to me and I realized it was just a dream.

The dream Sunday night was kinda fun - a lot of my former coworkers were in it, and we were at a Halloween party. One attorney friend wore a Michael Jackson sparkly jacket, and another had on the same knit tights that I had on...I don't know what I was, but I do remember a black short skirt. But my friend was a feather duster, and she said, "Chicken" whenever she came up to dust you. She'd whirl around like she was mechanical and say, "Chicken," and then you'd get dusted. Very strange.

Maybe I should try sleeping less.


Anonymous said...

maybe it's genetic. i never know how to answer the question "are you bothered by strange or unusual dreams?" because i enjoy the bizarre journeys my night time mind takes.auntie em

Melinda said...

I'm not bothered necessarily; I'm just exhausted some days! My friends seem to love it when I tell them they popped up in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

several years ago my friends hated me to dream about them: i did, and a close relative died! it was the weirdest thing. still have precognitive ones sometimes, but not icky ones. auntie em