Sunday, November 11, 2007

New City

Yesterday, Wiley and I got on a tram and went out to Ilidza (il-id-ja), a town near Sarajevo - about 20 minutes away on the tram. Wiley told me this was another place we could've lived. We could've rented an unfurnished house for cheaper than our apartment. While we didn't stay in the actual town very long, we went to the park, which was really nice. Wiley said we didn't actually make it to the park, but just along the long long long road which leads to it. I forgot my hat and the wind was really blowing yesterday, so I turned around. But the part we saw was pretty - there were large houses, like US houses, along the road, and there were some hotels overlooking a fountain that had been drained. Today it's supposed to snow this morning but then be sunny. Maybe we'll attempt another trip out there. If I ever built a house in Bosnia, I would like it to be out there. Apparently, I'm not alone because there were quite a few new houses. And it seems that that part of Ilidza draws money - we saw a Hummer and a BMW at a little cafe. A gallon of gas here costs around $5.60 - that's $185 just to fill up the tank!

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Spyder said...

Right around $3.00 here!