Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Discovery

So tonight, as I'm cleaning, I'm watching the Discovery channel. (I already sang my Journey song, thankyouverymuch.) There was a show on called "Most Evil", I think, so I half-heartedly listened to it while shuffling from kitchen to living room to bedroom. Then I sit down, and the show is over, but then they have these people on talking about diving.

I watched "What About Bob?" today. Don't ask me why, but I love that movie. The son, Siggy, won't dive. As I watched this, I thought, What's so scary about diving?

This thought occurred to me again as I was watching these people - 1 adult and 2 kids, no less, talk about how long they've been cliff diving.

CLIFF diving?????

One of the kids, a girl who is 12, is supposedly the best female cliff-diver of whatever country she's from (I didn't catch that part). She talked about how when you jump off a cliff, it's a wonderful feeling she equated to flying. For a minute, I pondered whether this is something I should someday try. I would like to feel like I'm flying through the air. But then I thought, I have dreams where I'm falling and I'm certainly not happy to feel like I'm flying, so maybe this is something I will avoid.

So, let's review:

Diving into a pool or lake or anything where you're no more than 15-20 feet above: not scary.

Cliff diving: scary enough to leave my ass on the beach.


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

i LOVE what about bob. that and uncle buck are right up there with revenge of the nerds with guilty pleasure movies. (and hate diving even 3 ft)auntie em

Xavier Onassis said...

I remember A. Whitney Brown talking about cliff diving. He said "There are only two classifications in the sport of cliff diving. You got yer World Class Grand Champions...and you got stuff on a rock."

Melinda said...

Some of the pictures sure made it look like they were going to be stuff on a rock. Ick.