Monday, October 8, 2007

This Should Make You Laugh, or Wonder What I'm Taking

Today’s dream was one for the books. I had a dream that I went to New York, where two attorneys I used to work with in KC were. Wiley and I were buying an apartment there and renting out one of the rooms to a family with two children, and I tried to talk them out of it because it didn’t seem like enough room. Then, after that, I went to see my attorney friends and one of them, who had permed her hair and was wearing a lot of blue eye makeup, said she quit the firm and moved with a guy named Terry to Irving, Texas, to start up her own business. They were visiting the other’s brother in NY, which is how I ran into them there. Then, fast forward. The people we met here in Sarajevo in May that tried to help me find a job here moved to California, so we went to visit them. After finishing dinner, the three of them got up to leave and didn’t wait for me as I shuffled through my purse. I lost sight of them and finally caught up to them. Wiley was with the husband chattering away so far ahead that I couldn’t see them, which meant I had to chat with the wife and her three kids. When we met them, they only had one, and I was about to remark on that because it was only May that we saw them last, when we came around a bend and saw a billy goat fighting with three llamas. Fur was poofed in every direction. The billy goat seemed to want to get by, but the llamas didn’t want to let him. We skirted by them without any incident and ran down the hill, but as we got to the bottom, the asphalt turned kinda rubbery, so we bounced. I again lost sight of my friend and everything changed into slow motion. I would take a step on the ground and bounce high into the air. A tire swing bounced with me and I had to be careful to bounce at the same time to avoid being hit while going under it. It was great fun, bouncing as I ran. Then I woke up. Wiley tells me my dreams are more exciting than my external life, and for the most part this weekend, that’s true.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I'd like to hear how Dr. Freud would interpret that dream!!!!! Aunt Tex

Melinda said...

I don't want to know. They're always too vivid for me. Wiley wants to know when I sleep.