Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Curtain Has Arrived!!!

Ain't she pretty? After we got it up, I sang, "It's not easy being green," since the light from outside cast a small green tinge on the room. The room is dark. The room is now a sleeping haven...or so I hope. I'm so tired of wearing my little eye mask. Wiley makes fun of it since it's now part of my evening ritual...get into bed, put in ear plugs and don eye mask before picking up a book to read. "Why don't you just wear it around the apartment?" he asks. If I've never told you before, sometimes he can be a smarta**. I'm very pleased with the curtains, though they're a bit long and I need to get some Stitch Witchery so they don't puddle on the floor. I hate that.


Anonymous said...

Now that color of green is beautiful

Melinda said...

I agree. The Emerald Curtain...so fitting since I just finished "Wicked".