Friday, October 12, 2007


Today marks the end of Ramadan...I was already up at 7:20, which was a good thing because not long after, the kiddies near the mosque started shooting off fireworks, which to me sounded an awful lot like gunshots ricocheting off the buildings. It's kinda quiet now...perhaps kiddies have since gone to bed after filling their bellies.

This morning also brought a visitor to our door. Normally I'm friendly, but in the past week, a beggar got into our building with her child and rang the doorbells asking for handouts. Today, I figured, was more of the same, so when I looked out the peephole and didn't recognize the lady or her child, I didn't answer the door. My suspicions were correct when I peeked my head out our kitchen window and saw said lady and child with two other young women - possibly teens - walking away toward the city center. Part of me is outraged - you can be accosted on the street by any number of beggars - unfortunately, it is commonplace here - but to get into my apartment building that requires a key to gain access? That has a security guard outside to make sure dear Judge is safe?? That makes me most unhappy, especially because they seem to come in at all hours - today it was morning, but last time it was 1 pm, when I was sick and taking a nap. And, being the worrier that I am, if they gain access, like maybe they have a key because they used to live here, how do I know someone doesn't have a key to my apartment and can gain access while we're away? Wiley says I'm a chronic worrier. Yeah, well, so be it, I guess. It's unnerving!

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