Friday, October 12, 2007


Today's words are numbers.

1 = jedan (yay-dahn)
2 = dva (dvah)
3 = tri (tree, and try to trill the r a bit)
4 = ceteri (the c should have a full carot over it, making it a "ch" like church - so CHET-airy)
5 = pet
6 = sest (again, a carot should be over the first s, making it a "sh" sound, like should - so shest)
7 = sedam (SAY-dam)
8 = osam (O-sahm)
9 = devet (dev-ette)
10 = deset (dess-ette)

I think I can get all the way to 100, which is sto (stow). And pol (poll) means half. Do you know what this means, Dear Reader? Dread on my part - I'm going to have to venture the store alone and try to understand what is said to me! *musters up courage and hikes up jeans*

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