Friday, October 19, 2007

First Snow

Lookie there - snow. On October 19. We went outside in search of drugs for my nose (now the other side is squishing and starting to hurt), groceries and a humidifier. It's chilly. Score one for the drugs, though I haven't taken them yet, and the groceries, but of course, no humidifier, and the lady didn't know where we could get one. How incredibly helpful! It would be quite a concept if the store that supposedly has everything actually did.


JustCara said...

I'm jealous - it's supposed to be 80 degrees here in Kansas tomorrow. 80 FREAKIN' degrees in late October.

Hope your nose feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

we are so soggy here, and tornadoes north of here! if this was snow we would be buried! hate to say we want "fall" to end, or late summer, or whatever this is! auntie em

Anonymous said...

When I am in IA I just set a pan of water in my room and let it evaporate. That seems to help my skin and nose. "Course, a humidifier would work a lot better. Aunt Tex