Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Dream of Cake

Last night, my attorney friend who in my last reported dream moved to Irving Texas with a guy named Terry to start a craft business was in my dream from last night. This time, it had to do with cake.

In Sarajevo, you do not want for cake. All the slaticarnas (slast-ee-char-nahs), which are sweet shops, have lots and lots of delicious cakes, all ready to be sampled. So why did I dream of cake? Partly because the cakes here are wonderful, but none of them have the whipped icing that I'm now used to, and I miss it. I can't help it, it's what I love...although I really love the cakes here. You simply have to try them out if you come to Eastern Europe.

Today we're going to get our bus tickets to travel to Austria at the end of the month. It'll take, oh, maybe 14 hours to get there, and upon our return, we have to take a night bus. See, know how some people in the States say they live in the nation's armpit because it's hot and it takes forever to travel somewhere else? Well, that's Sarajevo minus the heat at the moment. It's way far south and they don't have the money for upkeep. I didn't like the train - the single, solitary train that takes 9 hours just to get you to Zagreb, Croatia, that is accessible by a 4- or 5-hour car ride. The train that is packed with people smoking, that makes unscheduled stops to let children off or to let old men on, that stops four or five times to change locomotives because we're traveling through Republika Srpska (Serp-skah), and that is currently on strike. So, instead, we're busing it. Flying would've cost over $500 per person, and we simply don't have the cash for that. I'm excited to go - we get to see a few of Wiley's friends, maybe do a little wine-tasting in the country, and even maybe go to a castle (I really hope we can see it)!! And THEN, we get to shop!!!!!! At H&M!!!!! That means nice clothes on the cheap!!!!!!

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