Monday, November 26, 2007

Jason Lee is a Golden God

No, Dear Reader, it's not a fluke; you're reading the same title as a previous post from my previous blog. I'm watching Almost Famous again, and I tell you, I just love this movie. Funny that I saw it about three years after it was released thanks to a coworker. I met up with this chick who I'd only talked to online, and we split the costs of hotel and gas and followed a band who is pretty much now defunct now around the Midwest for four days. Yes, I took off work for this, and everyone knew what I was doing. One of my coworkers said that I reminded her of Penny Lane, the groupie - nay, Bandaide - played by Kate Hudson. Mind you, I did not run around in a skimpy top or huge coat, nor did I get to sleep with any band members (I was married, after all), but I did get on the tourbus, got to get into shows early, got to "hang out" with the band a bit. I didn't have all the fun of being in hotel rooms or anything like that, but I have to tell you, what I experienced was a fabulous time. I'd rather be the one getting onstage inspiring others instead of being in front of it sometimes, but the air is charged with this energy right before a show, and it's awesome feeling it.

And of course, I love watching Jason Lee. I didn't watch Earl too often when I had a chance, but I really like the movies he's done, even if some of them were a little more than questionable. He's good. He's one of the ones who makes me wonder how some people get it right time after time after time. Before he was an actor, he was a professional skateboarder. Hang with me here - yes, I said get it right. Being a pro skateboarder has its advantages, and my guess is it pays a bit more than the average salary. But here he is, a pro in his work, and he decides to be an actor. And that seems to be paying off too. So what is it he's got? Talent? Luck? Is he a hard worker? What determines that one person has the Midas touch with whatever he does, while others try and try and fail or make little progress each time?


Anonymous said...

Whoh's Jason Lee?!? Aunt Tex

martha01 said...

I just discovered him too and the same way...belatedly saw Almost Famous. I watched it 4 times and kept watching the Stillwater video until it dawned on my what was compelling me to keep looking...Jason Lee. He does have a knack of being really quietly and charmingly explosive...he kind of sneaks up on ya. I LOVE him and now have discovered Earl too. Laugh till I cry. He has that duality of nature and a zilion $ smile.

Melinda said...

That he does.