Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Now We're Getting Somewhere

I took a bit of a break from all the wedding hooplah, and today I'm back at it. Registering for gifts has been a bit of a chore...which stores do we choose? How do we know what we really need? We both have established households. Granted, mine is more extensive than Wiley's, but it should be - I haven't been in school most of my life. I don't want to register for things I know I won't use. Before we left, we tried to merge a few things. I got rid of a bed and a car. He got rid of some clothes. Fair trade. I decided that Kohl's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Target would be good places to register. All of them have websites and their storefronts are fairly accessible. But I have a problem with each.

First, Kohl's doesn't believe me when I fill in the counties that are related to the zip code. I went over this again and again, and each time, it told me I was an idiot. Cursing, I exited out of that and went to my registry to add items. I clicked on the items I'd already added, and lo and behold, for no apparent reason, most of my items are no longer available. Maybe I'll go back in again and try to add other items, but I was so frustrated, I said forget it for now.

Bed, Bath and Beyond tells me I'm getting married in Missouri because that's where my permanent address is. I mean, nobody these days has destination weddings or decides to get married in their soon-to-be spouse's hometown, do they? Pshah. So for people who will be looking at our registry there, don't be fooled - we're not getting married in Missouri.

I've actually found Target to be pretty useful, except that it's difficult to register for the little things. Since we love Doritos, we'll no doubt need some chip clips. But when I tried to find little gizmoy things like that, they weren't listed. However, I am not deterred. I will mess around with Target again.

My friends from my former job sent me a package with a bridal mag called Bridal Guide in it, and I found this online registry where you can register for anything from any store. I have struck gold. I've found things that while perhaps a little unorthodox, will certainly help make life easier. For instance, I found an avocado peeler. Talk about slippery little suckers. Gourmet coffee for Wiley and tea for me. Wiley scoffs a bit - "seems strange for a wedding gift" - but we are supposed to register for things we want and things we need. If we don't really need anything, then what's left? The wants!

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