Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Various Ramblings

Again, today: wake up, glorious sun is shining, can see blue sky, and before you know it, the fog rolls in. I'd take a picture, but just scroll down and you'll see what I'm seeing again today. Wiley found an article and said that it won't be going away any time soon and the entire country is covered in this crap. This thrills me to no end. *note sarcasm*

Wiley also mentioned that a woman who was a nurse in the army in Germany was kicked out for having implants. Apparently, it was against the rules, and they said it was dangerous to be in dangerous situations with the unknown danger of silicon D cups. I wonder if people have shot implants in their backyards. I'm sure it's been done somewhere. If we find them, they can write about their experiences in some scientific journal. The army is reconsidering their action; perhaps too many people complained that their view was diminished after Nurse TaTas was let go.

We now have the Fashion channel on TV. Has anyone noticed that Valentino is quite short? Why would a designer who's so short continue the madness of modeling clothes on Amazonian women? And how many of these models have hip problems because of the way they walk down the runway? I tried it, and not only do I feel foolish, but the hip-swaying hurts after a spell.

Job-hunting really stinks. I liked my former job, but as I'll be moving to another city upon my return from Hazeland, I can't go back to it. So that means perusing the job sites, and company sites, to find a job that 1) pays well and 2) I enjoy - and possibly in that order. I've been told that if you follow what it is you love to do, the money will follow. But there are plenty of people have jobs they don't enjoy, but they do them because they pay lots of money. Plus, there's the slight irritation that the things I enjoy don't pay very well. Counseling. Photography. Playing violin. The most troublesome fact is that I enjoy lots of things, but now that I'm job hunting, how do I choose what to try professionally? I worked at Payless Shoes. It wasn't a bad gig. Does that mean I should try sales? Become a road warrior? I liked my job, so should I go back to being something like a paralegal? I don't need to make lots of money - but I need enough to pay bills and pay for a wedding and build up the emergency fund. Sometimes it's a bit exhausting to try and figure out the best option.

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