Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Big Meh

"Meh" is the sound I make when things are not going my way. When I'm not happy. And tonight, I've been full of them.

My computer doesn't like running IE. Which is why I don't use it. But tonight, on a whim, I opened it up, and like always, it froze my computer.

My insurance runs out when I return to the States. I have a 2 week grace period, but that's it. Part of me wants to rebel and throw my fingers up at the insurance companies of the world and not get any until I find a job. You're not running the way you're supposed to, companies. I'm healthy. I don't usually need to go to the doctor. But I didn't have insurance for a number of years before becoming a full-fledged adult, and I figure I was lucky then that I never had to go to the doctor. I don't really want to tempt fate twice by not having any insurance, so I found what I think is a good policy at When I actually apply for it, we'll see what happens.

Still no word on any jobs. I've rewritten the resume, and I taylor it to every job. I probably will just have to wait until I come home. But if anyone has any connections in the Indianapolis or Bloomington area, then I would love to bleed you for information. I am just barely above groveling. But we may get there yet.

And to top it all off, Mattel and Hasbro want my Scrabulous game taken off of Facebook.

On a happy note, we got out of the apartment today. We have had an UNBELIEVABLE streak of good weather. It's been not necessarily sunny the entire time, but the fog has left us. Today the sun was in full glory, so we walked to our favorite grocery store where we can buy Equal. When we got out, the wind was so gusty that it blew our sponges out of our bag. Plastic bags danced in the street. The sun played peekaboo with the clouds, and we walked to the market to get tomatoes, hurried along by huge gusts of wind. It felt good to get out and enjoy the city.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the optimism and impatience of youth---it wouldn't even occur to me that I might find a job in Indiana before I left Bosnia. guess that's my provnciality shhowing! Aunt Tex