Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I like to go around and read new blogs. I call it blog-dating - I'll read a blog for awhile and decide whether we get to go to the next stage, which is where a blog is listed on my blog. I'm almost hooked with this one, but as it's still the first day, I'm still a little shy. This comes from Pam at Escape from Cubicle Nation, and a little over a year ago, she posted about not forgetting some things, even in our busy busy world. Here is part of what she wrote (the entire post is here):

There are certain things you should never let slide such as:
  • The birthdays of your spouse and kids
  • The birthdays of your parents
  • The birthdays of your grandparents
  • The birthdays of your siblings
  • The birthday of your best friend
  • Your wedding anniversary (if married)
  • Uttering (with real feeling) the words "I love you" to your spouse and kids each day

I don't say this to guilt trip anyone, for guilt is highly overrated and generally leads to misery, not action. I say it so that you make sure to do the following things:

  1. Create your own list of "I must remember these dates." Don't make it too big -- no one cares if you don't send a Saint Patrick's day or Halloween card.
  2. Examine each item, and decide what action you want to take on each. For some, it may be just a phone call. For others, it is buying and shipping a gift or setting aside a whole day to spend time together.
  3. Place each item with the corresponding time required in your calendar. So if your brother lives across country and you want to send a gift as well as call, put one date for "ship present to bro" and another (on the birthday itself) for "call bro and wish happy b-day." If you are really into organizing, schedule time to shop for and buy the gift as well.
  4. Get a system of accountability in place to make sure you complete the task. Sometimes calendaring the item isn't enough. You may need to send a post-dated email to yourself to remind you. Or have your assistant (if you have one) put it in his/her tickler system for you. Or put a huge post-it note on your bathroom window. Whatever it takes for you personally to get it done.

Human relationships are fragile. I have learned this the hard way by being "too busy" and letting some precious friendships slip through my fingers.

I like this chick. She seems like good people.

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Anonymous said...

you are way more organized than me! good tips, tho. auntie em