Thursday, January 10, 2008


Do this:

Get a watch that counts seconds.

Make sure you have flat, close-toed shoes on, and stand up straight. Start the watch.

Cross your arms over your chest and close your eyes.

Lift one leg, bending it at 45 degrees behind you.

Try and stay balanced for as long as possible. When you teeter more than 45 degrees, uncross your arms, or put a foot down, stop the watch. Compare your results with those below:

20 to 49 years old: 24 to 28 seconds.

50 to 59 years: 21 seconds.

60 to 69 years: 10 seconds.

70 to 79 years: 4 seconds.

80 and older: most cannot do it at all.

You just tested your ability to maintain balance. I read this article in the NYT and tried it myself, and I was very disappointed by the results. My aunts have complained of vertigo, but I never thought I had a problem with it. But I notice every so often that when I close my eyes, my head swims. Maybe it's due to my nose problem and I'm retaining fluid in my ears. Who knows? Maybe I'm just aging quickly. But do the test and tell me your poor results - you can keep the good results to yourself - so I feel better.


logtar said...

I practiced Kung Fu and balance was something we worked on every day so I got pretty good... might have to try it.

Melinda said...

I'll get Huck & Chuck to join me.

Anonymous said...

First I like the new "about us" descriptions, they have probably been there for a while but just noticed them today. About balance, mine sucks, so don't feel bad. But like logtar said it is something that is easy to improve and helps prevent injury.- Sarah