Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tonight, We Try Cookies

We went to the grocery store today. I got two milk chocolate candy bars and one bittersweet bar that I'm going to have to chop up by hand (the butterscotch bar was consumed by two people who shall remain guiltless), some vanilla, brown sugar, flour, baking soda, and butter because there is no Crisco or coconut oil to be had at Mercator, the biggest grocery store we have. My secret ingredient is nowhere to be found, so we'll have to do without that, and I'm worried that the cookies are going to turn out like cake because of the butter I'm using. But we'll see. I'll update you later.

UPDATE: I did it!!! The vanilla here is a bit too bitter, so I'll be using less of that, and the brown sugar isn't packed, so I added a quarter cup more, but I buttered and floured the sheet and they turned out pretty well! Next time, I need to add more chocolate, as the chunks were big and I cut the amount I normally use to make sure they didn't disintegrate in chocolate. They taste just a bit different, kinda like a sugar cookie, and the last dozen or so I tamped down instead of just letting them deflate on their own (which, with butter, they don't deflate much). These cookies were a labor of love, I tell you: the butter had to be pushed down into the measuring cup by hand and the chocolate was broken up by hand. My poor little hands have no moisture left from being washed so much! But they're a success, and this will be my way of meeting my upstairs neighbors.


John said...

The verdict is in!!!! The cookies are great!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your success. a quick way to measure butter: partially fill a measuring cup with water, and add butter til it gets to the desired level. i.e. 1/2 c water, add butter til it gets to 1 c if you want 1/2 c butter. auntie em