Friday, October 12, 2007

Last Night's Dinner

I must've sent this in an email to someone because it's not here, but last night, we had the best dinner!!! Mashed potatoes, mashed with just a fork, that were kinda lumpy but still good, green beans and chicken with a gorgonzola cream sauce. I would've taken a picture, but I was so hungry just seeing it that I didn't care - I just wanted to eat!!! Luckily, the kitchen is big enough for both of us to be in it at the same time, so we split the dinner duties. Wiley cooks all meat, as I hate touching it and left my meat-touching gloves in the States, and I do the sides. The good thing about Wiley is that he knows how to cook, and he likes it. We had chicken. What do we put on the chicken since we don't really have many spices? I'd say salt. But he thought of putting a little milk in with the cheese and coating the chicken with it. Genius? Pretty much. Today, I'm in the kitchen making my fettucine meat this time, as we forgot it yesterday.

We also picked up a DVD player...Wiley's computer was doing a good job, but if there are any other noises, he can't hear it, so we found one for around $30 and it works beautifully. Not that we're sitting around all the time watching TV...we were out for quite awhile yesterday! But it's hard to get out when it's rainy and you technically don't have to. *grins broadly*


Spyder said...

The hubby has used balsamic vinegar on chicken, or you can try lemon.

Melinda said...

We just got some of that! So we'll definitely be trying it out. Thanks for the tip!