Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adventures in Cooking: Popcorn

So tonight, after a trip to the grocery store, Wiley and I came home and attempted to make popcorn. On the stove. The "old-fashioned" way. You'd think this is fairly easy, as I did.

First batch: burned.

Second batch: perfect until the lid to my seasoned salt fell off, making the popcorn look like Pompei after Mt. Vesuvius erupted (the seasoned salt here looks like pepper, though thankfully, doesn't taste like it).

Third batch: burned.

The fourth batch turned out to be the charm. Now my belly is full of lentil soup, popcorn, and chocolate milk, and my teeth are full of hulls. Excuse me while I release them from their holds.


Anonymous said...

a heavy pan works best. and you have to constantly shake it to keep the kernels moving, preferably a bit above the flame. only a single layer of popcorn should cover the bottom of the pan when you start out. we had an old, burnt pan that we used only for taco shells and popcorn. thank goodness for microwave ovens!your old auntie em

Melinda said...

Our pans aren't too heavy - we used our stock pot - but we lifted and shook, put down, lifted and shook, and only covered the bottom of the pan. We'll just have to practice to make it perfect, which is just fine by me!!