Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just When I Needed It Most

After not feeling well for about a week, and having crappy weather on top of it, Wiley and I made one last trip to a store where I found a blue purse. Upon arrival at the newly-named Elegant from Mona, I looked around one last time to find a purse I admired that our landlord's wife had, and found something even better...for about two and a half times the amount of the blue purse. Screw it, I said, this purse'll last me at least 5 years, or at least I hope. Made in Italy, which also has very good leather, so I am now the proud owner of a black purse that is very classy - clean lines and two zippered pouches.

THEN, just to look around town a little more, we found something akin to a mall. A mall!!!! Inside was the biggest grocery/allinone store that had a Wal-Mart feel to it, as well as a shoe store where I looked for shoes to walk in as well as hiking boots (struck out on both), and a sports store, and several clothing stores (but I'm holding out for Austria). After finding Kellogg's cereal (and not buying it), as well as Barilla pasta (and not buying that, either), and green olives in a jar (those I did buy), not to mention the cutest dinner plates, plants and air fresheners, I feel I am in a normal city again, and Sarajevo has redeemed itself, even though the weather has been crappy the last several days and it's made me sick.


John said...

*Shudders at thought of "having a Walmart-like-place" = "in a normal city"*

Melinda said...

*sticks tongue out* You may be used to a different type of civilization. I'm still getting used to it. So there!