Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Noses are Not for Me

Went to the doctor. This time, instead of a long silver tube stuck up my nose, he stuck in a huge Q-tip-type sponge into each nostril to figure out how bad my septum is deviated. He told me surgery would give me the ability to take in 20% more oxygen. "Very important if you're pregnant," he told me. But it looks like if I don't fix it, I'm going to have this stuffy problem the entire time I'm here. Advantages to fixing it here: cheap - maybe $450. I'd need 10 days off work - not a problem since I'm not working. Disadvantage: I don't have a problem in the US, so if I fix it here, who's to say I won't screw it up when I'm home?

This feels like a Monday.

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meesha.v said...

Back in states you'll be breathing pure oxygen.Think about it.:-)