Monday, December 31, 2007


I WON MY FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE! Woo hoo!!! I had to really shake things up this week, as my QB, Benny from the Steelers, was out. He'd done very well, but with that darned ankle, he sat out so he could play in the postseason game. So I grabbed Tod Collins, who gave me almost 9 points. I was livid yesterday when I got up because my defense not only didn't score me any points, but took some away! Below are my horses and how they fared. The highlight of my horses? Not that Tomlinson. It was my tight-end, Crumpler. He'd done nothing for me all season, but when the chips were down and I needed to win, he stepped up. Good job, dude.

Obese Delinquents (0)
PosPlayerGame StatusOppFanPts
QBT.Collins WASFinalDAL8.78
22 Comp, 9 Inc, 3 Sckd, 244 Pyds, 2 Rshs, -2 Rshyds, 1 TDs...
WRC.Johnson CINFinal@MIA21.00
1 Rshs, 9 Rshyds, 4 Recs, 131 Recyds, 2 TDs
WRS.Moss WASFinalDAL15.75
8 Recs, 115 Recyds, 1 TDs, 12 Retyds
RBL.Tomlinson SDFinal@OAK9.65
16 Rshs, 56 Rshyds, 1 Recs, 7 Recyds, 1 TDs
RBC.Portis WASFinalDAL18.55
25 Rshs, 104 Rshyds, 4 Recs, 27 Recyds, 2 TDs, 1 Fmb, 1 Lst
TEA.Crumpler ATLFinalSEA16.85
3 Recs, 67 Recyds, 2 TDs
W/TT.Holt STLFinal@ARI8.15
7 Recs, 93 Recyds
W/RC.Taylor MINFinal@DEN2.10
10 Rshs, 83 Rshyds, 3 Recs, 9 Recyds, 2 Fmb, 2 Lst
KN.Kaeding SDFinal@OAK14.00
1 FGG29, 2 FGG39, 3 XPG
98 Retyds, 1 Scks, 1 Int, 35 PtsAllw

Repeat after me: I'm #1!! *does a victory dance*

The funny thing is, I don't really care for football. I'm not a sports person by nature. But my competitive streak is alive and well. And I won!!!

What a GLORIOUS Monday for once!

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Anonymous said...

congrats! i used to do well in office pools(just numbers, computers and fantasy football hadn't been invented yet) based on hunches, jersey colors, etc. and how i almost won a lot of money in the 81 world series but our beloved kirby puckett(rip)hit a totally unnecessary homerun and i missed the score by one. glad the gene survives! go bret favre! auntie em