Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving Day is Coming.

As has become the norm in my life, I am moving. How "norm", you ask? Well, for being 32, I've moved a total of 14 times. I find it kinda funny, considering that I never thought I was one who moved a lot, like Army families.

I'm excited to move and live in a space where everything in it is mine. I am trying to be a minimalist and not have crap/clutter, but with others' belongings in the same space, that proves difficult.

The only downside is that we're still renting, and in my opinion, still throwing money away. Wiley disagrees, saying it's nice to call someone else to fix something that has broken (like the clothes dryer). In connection with that, we will be living in a complex, and you know how noisy community living can be. But I'm close enough to work to walk, and Wiley's still on the bus line, so it should all work out. And no mowing or weeding!!!

And now off-topic completely and better suited for Twitter, but I haven't made the leap yet:

Brett Favre, it's terrible that you string teams along, but really, it's what people now expect from you. I think you should have retired long ago.

Wiley and I have started watching Cake Boss on TLC. It's gotten my creative juices flowing, and I have been playing with icing and decorating with it, and I made my first fondant (guess what - the taste is actually pretty good!) in preparation of making a baby shower cake in a couple of months.

We have also been hooked on Deadliest Catch. If you haven't seen this show (and I managed to avoid it until this year), these guys are completely nutters. I can say with absolute certainty that while I like boats and I like water, this is a job I would NEVER attempt.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Brett's not coming here; I would have had to get rid of the last of my Packer gear. Someday you will inherit 4 lovely GB pilsner glasses! Go Vikes, and take the Twins with you! auntie em