Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Been busy. But I have a moment to vent.

First, kids are stupid. At any age, they are stupid. Tonight on my way home in the dark, a girl is walking in the middle of the street, though the sidewalk is just 4 feet to her right.

Indiana time is slow time. At green arrows, there is easily a car length or two between each car. I guess when you're used to driving in a big city, all that space equals extra time that's being wasted. This leads to frustration, which is further compounded by said stupid kids who have huge SUVs and don't know how to drive them.

And last but not least, we are moving the last of our stuff out of our storage unit. Some asshat today came into the office wanting to get in, and found out that I was renting the office next door. He didn't have a key to get in, and I didn't have mine, but I don't want people looking at my stuff anyway. So then he asked if I could have a key tomorrow that he could pick up. I originally said ok because I was completely thrown off guard by this guy who took up the I-have-a-cobb-up-my-ass-and-shouldn't-be-talking-to-you-peons, but then I got angry, so I called the property manager, who said I didn't have to give him a key because I was rightfully renting it for the next couple of weeks. So tomorrow, I get the joy of being an asshat right back, but I'll be much nicer about it. And maybe after I'm done for correcting his way of talking to me, he'll thank me for taking that cobb out of his butt.

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Anonymous said...

UPDATE!! Asshat returned today, but Melinda ditched out early, leaving me to deal with said A.H. He lived up to his name, lecturing me about how people aren't going to rent the property if they can't see it, and if they can't see it, they will probabylo not come back, but will go rent somewhere else. Blah blah... OF ALL THE ASSHATTERY!!! I responded with (as JMD complimented) "A very tactful way of saying 'this is a you problem, not a me problem'" Yay, me! p.s. call me.