Monday, September 8, 2008

Updating the Few Readers That Are Still With Me.

I should be doing laundry, or making a grocery list, or at least getting the phone to have nearby so when Wiley calls, I can go get him, but instead I'm trying to catch up on my 125 posts I've neglected to read (don't you people have anything else to do) and posting what's been going on.

Wiley and I raced to KC on Friday so we could pick up our rings and my last cat, Deeder. We ended up not getting Deeder because her momma wanted to keep her, so my fat cat, who used to resemble a black panther and now resembles a black bear, is no longer mine. Rewind and Dixie aren't complaining, and I'm ok with the decision, but at the time, I was sad.

I got my hair cut and highlighted, and talked to my stylist about how to style my hair. She gave me some hints and tricks, so this week, next week, and the week after will be spent playing with my hair to attempt to make it look like the picture I found ages ago. With short hair, there weren't many pictures to go around. But I like what I found.

Saturday night we went to Abuelo's for food with a small group of friends, only it turned out to be a surprise wedding shower. Wiley pretended to get sick at Barnes & Noble so I didn't beat the guests there (I have this thing about being just a bit early or on time), so we got there "late", but that was just so everyone would have time to get there and get seated. Wiley herded me in and said, "They're over here," and I look and see 13 people seated who shouted, "Surprise!" It took a bit to sink in that they were there for us. Everyone did a fabulous job at keeping me in the dark. I really like surprises so this was great. We had Hitler's sister wait on us. "Ok, listen up. This is how it' s gonna be. I'm going to take care of the front tables. This waiter here's going to take care of the back tables. No one's allowed to change seats. Follow my orders and we'll get along just fine." Since I missed the spiel, I of course got up to talk to the guests, which flustered her when it came time to taking our food orders. And then she said she'd split the checks for us, but didn't, and then the manager came out and told us that their first concern is to get the food out hot and fast, and if customer service has to take a backseat to that, then that's ok with them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Abuelo's, you let me down, especially when you forgot my pappas con chiles (taters to you lay people). But I did appreciate that Steve Buschemi's twin did some magic tricks for us, and he called me Mary. We had a great time though, and it was so fun to see people I didn't think I'd be able to see on this trip.

So we both have our rings, and they look smashing. It's going to take awhile to get used to rings. Mine is quite heavy, but Wiley's looks great on him, and it's tight enough that it hopefully won't go flying off into the class when he gestures.

Sunday was spent driving back and then trying to do a couple loads of laundry. Lots of laundry to do when you move.

Meesha, I wasn't able to post on your blog, but if I got it right, you had a birthday, so happy birthday! We celebrate because then we get cake. And you should wear your age with pride. I'll believe that just as soon as I get some wrinkles taken off my face, hahaha.

Pom, the last I read about you, you were happy that other babies had icky baby neck. It sounds a little gross, but babies do not, and are not, squeaky clean all the time. Just as long as she's not attracting wildlife, I think you're ok.

, glad to hear your mom seems to be doing better and you don't mind playing the Hurry Up and Wait Game. The float trip is hilarious, and if I'm back in KC sometime when you do your float trip, I'm totally there!

Cara, keep practicing saying President Obama. You saying that gives me hope.

Wow, got some vertigo going on now, so I'm going to try and eat something and hope it goes away in time to get Wiley.

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m.v. said...

Thanks Melinda. I carry my age and weight without a problem, it's the lack of accomplishments that sucks