Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year

To the UPS man who supposedly delivered our packages today: no, you didn't. You might have delivered them to someone else, but you certainly didn't deliver them to our house. Thanks a lot, asshat.

And to our possible neighbors who got said packages, I hope you enjoy our Omaha steaks and my clothes from Victoria's Secret. I hope they don't fit you.

Happy New Year.


JustCara said...

Damn - steak and lingerie sounds like the perfect way to ring in the new year! Too bad *I'm* not the neighbor who got your stuff (though Boychik probably wouldn't fit in your clothes and I wouldn't share the steaks.)

Anonymous said...

That's a bad way to end the old year. Did you have a supervisor double check? HOpe you have honest neighbors who return it. auntie em

Melinda said...

UPS told us to contact the people who sent us our items, so we did, and they resent the items and I'm guessing they'll bill UPS for the missing shipments.