Monday, January 18, 2010

Settling In.

Well, I've not yet gotten to making the new blog because I just got internet in the past few days and had some housekeeping to do.

First things first: do not use Verizon as your internet provider. Being a planner and wanting to get internet up and running as soon as we moved in, we contacted Verizon at the end of December. We were told January 11 would be our start date. Meh. On Friday, the 8th, I contacted Verizon to see where the modem was, as we were supposed to have it already. One person told us to wait until Monday and then if it hadn't arrived, to call. No thank you, so I talked to someone else who said they couldn't find that we'd placed the order and to call the very same people who just told us to wait. No thank you, so I told this guy we'd been there and done that and what was HE going to do to help me TODAY. Before we were done, I had an order number and a promise for a modem to arrive on Monday.

On Tuesday, said modem arrived with a user manual CD and a few cords. But the modem didn't work. So again I called Verizon and talked to a couple of people, one of whom said that the internet should be working and if our DSL light was not solid, then something was wrong with our jacks, and someone would have to take a look at them but couldn't do it until Thursday. My patience wearing thin, and my scalp getting irritated at all the hair-pulling, I waited on Thursday for someone to come, and of course, they didn't. So at 12:00, I called Verizon again to ask where the technician was that was supposed to come check my jacks, and Verizon had no idea what I was talking about. The conversations that ensued still irritate me, so let's just say that after 3 hours on the phone and talking with 3 different customer service reps, after saying, "This is not 1995 and this is not new technology", along with, "I thought Comcast was bad, but I'm considering going to them because this is ridiculous", and "I'm not getting off the phone with you until this is solved", on Friday, my internet was up and running. No jack problem, just people who don't know what they're doing. But now I'm back!

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Anonymous said...

Yay, you're here! Consumer reports hates them, but Charter works for us. Considering moving to WI to get at&t services! But Charter salesstaff lied, too, and after I called their home office I got free upgrade for a year. Good luck. Auntie em