Wednesday, February 17, 2010

K, Well, Time to Move.

Good morning Dear Reader,

I had to laugh at myself for thinking we might get a little less snow here in Virginia. While we missed the first 20 inches that were dropped on VA before Christmas, we have had the opportunity to experience 18 inches at the beginning of this month, plus another 5 two days later, and then another 3 inches a few days after that. I haven't had much need to go out of the house, as working from home allows me that flexibility, but today, I dropped Wiley off at work, and I had to laugh at all the snow mounds. Every. single. person. I've talked to here has said this winter is atypical. We may have beaten the snowfall record from 14 years ago. It's pretty, but I'm pretty much done with snow. I'm really gunning for spring. Skyline Drive is on my list of things to see, and it's been closed due to all the snow.

So, anyway, I wanted to publicly announce my new blog, Va Valley Girl. I've written a few posts already. There will be more pictures, I'm sure, once the snow clears. Enjoy!

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