Thursday, June 19, 2008

Packing Up The House

So Wiley and I decided it was time to unload some of our stuff. While I think I've done a pretty good job of throwing out his stuff merging our things, more can go since we're moving into a fully furnished house in a few months. So Wiley sent out a general email to friends, and I figured this stuff would be gone by the time we left this place. The same day, he started getting bites for things, so now I'm in ultra-pack mode to clean out bookcases and a microwave cart. Who knew people moved so quickly??

And the mice seem to have come back in droves. So far, there are 7 holes in the dirt around the foundation. Thankfully, over 30 bins are out of the house, so there's really not much the buggers can get into.

And Rewind eats spiders. Ew.


John said...

That's it! I demand a man-cave! A man needs his space! a sanctuary for my stuff!

Melinda said...

No cave! I promise not to buy frilly things and make you sit on flowered-covered couches.