Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy 'Weener!

I know I said I would post pictures of Halloween costumes from last week's party, but frankly, I haven't seen the pictures we took ourselves at home, and the party itself was a bit lackluster. It was a week early, and it started early. Knowing that my new group of friends are not quite punctual, we got there 3 hours after it started, and stayed for about an hour and a half. Wiley and I went as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, but most of the 15 people who were there didn't realize that I was an ox. It didn't help that someone there had the horns I wanted but was too stubborn to buy. ($10 for horns? Outrageous.) But the couple of times someone looked at me, they guessed I was a member of the Blue Man Group. As my boss said today, "What's the problem with that? You're still not you, right?" Um, thanks. Remind me to get you the Ass of the Year button for Christmas.

Dejected, Wiley and I had a birthday party to attend tonight for a friend whose birthday is on Halloween. We'd been watching a lot of the Sopranos lately, so we got it in our heads that we could be Tony and Carmela. Wiley could wear a white t-shirt, PJ bottoms and a robe, and I could wear something from my everyday work outfit. Whaaaa? I don't really think I dress like Carmela...I certainly don't own anything animal-printed (think of her plastic vest). But sometimes I look at what she's wearing and think, Hmm, that could've come from Casual Corner. So then I got really depressed. It'd be easier to go as Adrianna. I have lots of boots and even a really short skirt.

Apparently Wiley and I share one thing in common - we both tend to get our juices flowing when the pressure's on. At 1:30 today, it hit me. We try to go as a couple when we dress year it was Mario and Luigi, one year it was him being a cheerleader and me being a football I thought that next year we should be Tweety and Sylvester. But I went down this path, and thought, Why not be Elmer Fudd and Bugs this year? So I told Wiley, who was wayyy less than thrilled that we're still messing around with costume ideas the very day of Halloween. At lunch, we ran to Factory Card Outlet, and, while I don't think of them first for cards, they had a lot of kick-ass costumes, and I found my bunny ears (which were really donkey ears because Bugs is grey and white and all the bunny ears there were white and pink), picked up some whiskers, some white face paint, and some big-ass hands (think Mickey Mouse), and I was good to go. At home, I borrowed Wiley's thermal pants and put on a grey shirt. Then we pinned on a shower puff to my butt and I painted my face and off we went. Wiley had pants and a hat and shirt and picked up a toy rifle. We were a hit, and our party was a lot of fun. We had lots of food, a little wine, and I have lots of pictures I can use as blackmail.

As we were driving home, we saw tons of young college kids, and I gotta say, the whore store in the mall was a big hit because we saw lots of little sexy costumes. I'm hoping to get there tomorrow to score some wigs at half price.

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