Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Being Haunted.

And I'm not alone. Wiley got an email from a friend who we met in Sarajevo. She is a tenured professor on the East Coast, and a fellow violinist. She sent an email saying that she couldn't get Sarajevo out of her mind. She missed the places to walk, the availability to travel on the weekend on the spur of the moment, the chatting, and the pace of life. In short, she said it was perfect.

Wiley and I have talked about this off and on - about how we miss certain things about Sarajevo. If I could do it all over again, I would traipse all around Sarajevo in October, even while being sick. Because now I know that October is the last good month of the year! I admit that there were some maddening things about lines being nonexistent. But they were pretty minor, and there were ways around it - like going to the store when no one else was around. Smokers everywhere is a little harder to get around, but then we just wouldn't go into the sweet shops. But it was relatively peaceful. And at times I find myself wistful. I want to go back.

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