Monday, October 27, 2008

Watching Those Receipts

Today during lunch I ran over to Hobby Lobby to take a look at a few items. After I got to my car, I checked my receipt to see if I got my 40% off and 30% off my items. Of course, that's a negative, Ghost Rider. I didn't have any more time during lunch, so I went back after work to get everything straightened out. I walked in and went straight to the only cashier that was open, who happened to be the exchanges/returns cashier. I got in line behind one lady after it seemed someone else disappeared. A minute later, another lady was behind me, and I mean RIGHT BEHIND ME. Most people have space bubbles with strangers. This lady was ready to date me, she was so close. The only time strangers have been closer was at a concert when women were humping my bum to get closer to the stage. She stayed with me throughout my entire transaction, not noticing or completely ignoring my looks that told her I didn't need her so close she could count my nose hairs. I realized that maybe she was in line, but then went to look at something and then when I got in line and she lost her place, this was her passive-aggressive way of getting back at me. Whatever. IF YOU LEAVE THE LINE, YOU ARE NO LONGER IN LINE. Deal with it. It took the cashier about 3 minutes to mess with my stuff.

But what really grinds my gear-skiy, as Meesha would say, is the fact that you have to be a super-sleuth with your receipts. At Hobby Lobby, they don't scan any items. They look at a price on the item and then look at their price sheets. Or, in my case today, don't look at their price sheets and charge you whatever they want. Paint rung up at lunch was $1.00. Tonight, before my 30% off, it was $.50. I ended up getting over $5.00 back because I was diligent. But imagine how many people don't do that. Businesses end up getting lots of extra money this way! Some do it on purpose...(some Dateline episode I watched way back when did an expose on this)...and some don't. I don't think the chickey today paid attention. She had a lot of people since she was the only cashier. At a place like Hobby Lobby, where it seems everything is marked down every single day, and it's constantly changing, if you're not watching your receipts, you're not watching extra money being thrown away.


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean. I was so excited to get an unexpected buck off some mums, I didn't realize I hadn't received the 40% off of a spendy prairie grass til it was planted! local companies are good about things like that, tho. auntie em

m.v. said...

overcharging was an art in my old country; some placed had rigged scales,some places "always ran out of coins". I always get money back here to. I generally have crappy memory but always remember prices of the stuff in my basket.

Anonymous said...

Oh, their receipts are so useless. And to top it off, if you do find their errors and manage to go back to the store to tell them/get money back,,,they treat you so badly AND require you to show ID. What a joke. I am so off them right now. I would rather shop online or go to Michaels.