Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 2, Kittens 3, Melinda 0

The gods are conspiring against us. I stayed up as long as I could last night, which meant my arse was asleep at 7 pm due to only sleeping an hour on the plane. So what does that mean, Dear Reader? Jet lag. 1 am rolled around, and because of the street lamp outside our window, I thought it was already 6 or so, so I got up, checked the clock, and said, ''You've got to be kidding. Crap.'' Wiley woke up too. We were up until about 4 am, and then finally got back to sleep until just about 9 am. Our room faces a very busy street, so all night long, cars zipped by. But it's really quite pretty if it would just rain and be done with it.

And speaking of cars, for those of you who think I have no space bubble or drive too fast, I invite you to Sarajevo. My driving is TAME compared to these nutsos!!! They park and drive on the sidewalks. Sometimes I have to walk in the street, and there may be only a couple inches to spare, but they're good about stopping when we have the green man telling us to walk. (Breathe, Auntie Em. It's all good.)

We've walked around part of the city (I'd say most but I doubt it), and so far, I've seen three kittens, one who looked like it was about 5 weeks old. No, I did not pick them up or pet them. I would love to, but you know me ~ if I touch it, it's mine.

Apartment shopping has not gone so well today. The apartment we discussed with Leo yesterday was already rented, so we went to look at another one, but the keys didn't work. So perhaps on Monday, we can find something or go back to that apartment. The building is in crappy shape, but Wiley tells me from his days in Croatia that the buildings may look bad, but the rooms inside frequently are kept up very well.

I think that's it for today. Pictures will come as soon as we're set up in an apartment so you can see what's going on!


Daniel said...

Hi guys! Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to Sarajevo. A lot of the things you mentioned are quite similar in Bucharest, so I can sympathize. Good look apartment hunting!

Anonymous said...

So what is the time difference between there and here? i will send you some bubble wrap so i can breathe easier, ok? and of course, don't touch strange animals!!!auntie em