Monday, September 17, 2007

Moving On

Well, around 1:30 yesterday, we finally got on the road. 15 bins didn't make it into storage and are instead at Hiney's. We stopped by Wiley's friend's house on our way to his parent's, and saw the baby and the new house. Both are beautiful. We got to our destination around 8:15 or so last night, and went to bed around 11. Everything is sore, especially my lower back and feet. The lower back pain is due to vacuuming the apartment with a Shop Vac, and especially cleaning up the mess made by the exploding mirror. I moved it to vacuum around it, and POOF! a million little pieces all over my floor. It was a fantastic shatter, but an ungodly mess to clean. But hey, one less thing to store, right?

Today, after I actually get up, my plan is to repack the suitcases so we only really have to deal with one suitcase. That means all four suitcases get to explode in the bedroom. Exploding items seems to be a theme...

And I'm really retired I think I'll get my happy a** back to bed for awhile longer.

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