Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sarajevo, and the Livin's Easy (For Me)

Ok, finally, I have some pictures that I've uploaded. You can view them here.

I had a nice long post, but now I don't have it with me...we saved it to the thumb drive when we went to the Internet cafe yesterday, and today we found a Mexican restaurant that has free wi-fi. This restaurant is awesome...caters to foreigners, for sure, but the food kicks ass.

The big news is that yesterday we found an apartment. We sign the papers tomorrow and move in tomorrow as well. It's on the top floor, otherwise known as the penthouse suite, of a 6 floor building, and we have a judge that lives on the bottom floor so we have our own security guard. The apartment is lovely and about 3 miles from the city center, which is as far as we wanted to be, but if I'm walking 6 or 12 miles a week, that's just fine with me...til winter hits, right? Ha. No! I'd rather walk than tram it - they're too busy!!! So anyway, we're very excited to have found a place that's very nice and has a shower curtain as well as a washing machine in it! We'll be getting new curtains to block out a bit more light, but otherwise, things are going well.

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JustCara said...

For some reason after reading John's post I though, "Please Hammer, don't hurt him." (At least he got the first letter right?!)

It sounds like you've found a great place - awesome! Oh, and you'll be there for Eid, which I am totally jealous about. (The ones I have been to here in KC were fairly tame and and involved a lot of goat-based food. Hopefully your mileage will vary.)

PS: You'll have to email me your address (especially if you start to yearn for some good KC BBQ sauce!)

PPS: Dix apparently likes dog food. Permission to squirt-gun her?