Sunday, September 23, 2007

Naps are Fun

I hated them as a child, always wanting to be up with the grown-ups to figure out what they were doing because it must've been way better than taking a nap...otherwise, why weren't they going down for a nap?? In my older younger age, naps are like sneaking away to view a glimpse of Heaven. The pillow is my Promised Land. No TV, no problems, just me and my blanket, bed an pillow. Oh, how I love naps. Sometimes I don't love the reason why I take them: the past couple days it's been because I've been tired during the day due to running - yes, running!! - in the morning - early morning. The running has actually been (dare I say it) fun. It just figures that I start getting my groove on right before I move to a foreign country where people don't "work out". They walk everywhere, and that's how they stay so thin.

Taking naps when I return from retirement could pose a serious threat to my working life.


Anonymous said...

I love naps,too! But now that I AM retired, I find that I don't take them as often nor as long as I did when I was working. College teaching can allow one the luxury to schedule in naps, or so I found!! Aunt Tex

Sister Sister said...

I'll just, once again, have to live vicariously through you. Cuz at my house, naps are not done. I have no time, so enjoy when you can!!

Melinda said...

Naps help keep a body young, me thinks. I will be making them a routine in my new overseas life.