Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ok, now that I know it works

Here's the new blog. Welcome to Scribblings from Sarajevo, brought to you by the same author as Oggi! Today! I decided to make a new blog and include Wiley in the ramblings. Technically, we should be saving posts for when we actually get over there, and between now and then, blogging will be brief, but I can say a few things:

First, moving sucks. I have been at it all day. Well, all week, but apparently I have a lot of shyt. My 8x10 storage area is just a wee bit small for all the bins I need to put in, so I have to leave some with my good friend Hiney. We moved the big stuff this morning thanks to our other good friends who I'll call Wedded Bliss 1, taking three hours instead of two (because I'm just really slow at this), and then I've just been packing while Wiley's been loading and unloading at the storage facility.

Second, I am catless, which also sucks. Last night we dropped off Rewind and Dixie, and let me just say that my ex is an a**hole. While he was nice and agreed to take Rewind because he knows what a handful he is, when I dropped him off yesterday with extra litter and food (partly because the vet didn't have 9 bags and partly because I figured they could just go get them since the girlfriend is up north sometimes anyway), after making us wait in the driveway while he finished talking to a client, he asked how long the food would last. When I told him it should last three months, he looked at me and said, "And are you going to give me money so I can get him more?" I said that the way the other people were handling it was that they'd bill me and I'd pay when I returned. We're talking about a CPA who makes well over the median salary - and he and GF can't afford $60 for three bags of food and to wait for it?? Come on. Get over yourself. I think he's regretting agreeing to watch Rewind. Suffice it to say, I was a wreck leaving there because of his a**holishness, so I beg of you, if you know of anyone who wants to watch a male cat, please let me know. Rewind has a bit of a history - he likes hands, so if you're not careful, he'll bite, but he's really quite affectionate. So so much for anyone else watching him....sigh. I went to the vet today and got some more food so His High A** won't get his panties in a bunch.

Dropping Dixie off was a much simpler and pleasant task. As soon as she saw Yippy Dog, she stayed perfectly still in my arms and when I put her down, ran promptly under the trunk and wouldn't come out. I've since learned that she can handle herself - she put the smack down on Yippy Dog, and when YD isn't around, she's been out around the pad, getting used to her surroundings.

All right, back to packing. I want to go to bed tonight before leaving for Arkansas in the late morning. Welcome aboard my train!


JustCara said...

I have decided to name Dixie and Yippy Dog "The Sugarbakers." Dixie is like her namesake, Dixie Carter a/k/a Julia Sugarbaker - calm, genteel, but cross her and she'll put you in your place. Yippy dog is Suzanne Sugarbaker - full fluff and accessories and just cannot possibly imagine why anyone wouldn't want to make her the center of attention?

Now all we need to do is get a pig and maid named Consuela.

Melinda said...

I think that is just perfect...until Dixie starts acting like Consuela.

Anonymous said...

very funny comments; sorry we can't take rewind or run down and slap the ex. auntie em